Frederick County Board Of Elections To Decertify 2022 Primary Results

Election office says a discrepancy was found among the mail-in and provisional ballots.

Frederick, Md. (KM) – A rescan of the results of the 2022 primary election in Frederick County will take place on Wednesday morning beginning at 8:30.

Deputy Election Director Anthony Gutierrez says while preparing for a recount of the results of the Democratic primary in Council District 3, some discrepancies were found between the certified results, and the number of mail-in and provisional ballots received. “We are recommending on Wednesday morning that our Board of Canvassers reconvene. And for an overabundance of caution and accuracy and transparency, we would like them to consider decertifying our results, and allowing us to rescan those two categories of ballots, and certifying the new results,:” he says.

Gutierrez says not all ballots will be rescanned. “It’s for all the mail-in ballots and the provisional ballots cast in this election. At this time, that’s what we’re planning,” he says.

He says no one will have to recast their ballots.

The process could take all day, according to Gutierrez. “We will certainly do our best to finish on Wednesday. But, if necessary, we will continue Thursday until we’re finished,”: he said.

The Board of Elections will meet at 34A Montevue Lane. Gutierrez says the public will be allowed in to watch the process.

A recount scheduled for Tuesday, August 9th has been canceled. Last week, Council President MC Keegan-Ayer had requested a recount in the District Three Democratic Councilmanic race. She lost her re-election bid on July 19th to Jazmin Di Cola by three votes.

By Kevin  McManus