Sinkhole On Monocacy Blvd Repaired After 3 Months

The project cost over $750,000.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – After 3 months, and a little over $750,000, the City of Frederick has confirmed that the sinkhole on Monocacy Boulevard has been fixed.

Eric Newquist, president of Pleasant’s Construction, who fixed the hole, said first they had to excavate about 3,000 yards of dirt and rocks from the site.

“So, it took a week or two to get that done and then we started to construct to repair the throat so that we could block the water, or actually, restrict the water from going into the cavern and creating a sinkhole in the future,” said Newquist.

He explained that this sinkhole was made naturally from water seeping into the ground and creating a void.

Newquist said preventative measures can be taken by controlling rainwater.

“The surface water, as the rain falls onto the road, it gets directed into storm drain lines. The storm drain lines then dump into retention basins or ponds or underground systems,” he said.

He added that the Frederick region is susceptible to natural sinkholes, and more could open up in the future.