School Buses Return To Frederick County For The New School Year Tomorrow

Photo from Frederick County Sheriff’s Office

Drivers need to use extra caution and never pass a loading school bus.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – With the school year back up and running tomorrow, school buses will also be back on the road. Frederick County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Todd Wivell said keep careful attention for buses that are stopping to pick up or drop off school kids.

“If you see those yellow or red lights flashing, and that stop arm is extended out from that bus, you must stop,” said Wivell.

He said it is illegal to pass a stopped bus that is picking up or dropping off students, and infractions face steep penalties.

“If it’s in the school zone, the penalty runs up to $1,000. If it’s a school bus infraction, like you’re passing a bus with its lights on, you’re passing a bus that’s stopped that has an arm extended, minimum of $570 and three points,” Wivell explained.

He added that parents and kids should be careful while waiting for the bus.

“When the bus is approaching, you should at least stand about three to six feet back, and allow that bus to get close enough to you to stop, put out that swing arm, if it’s there, open up the door, and then once it’s fully stopped, we ask the child then to approach and get on the bus. The bus driver will not start moving until that child is seated safely,” Wivell said.

He said if you have to walk around the bus, walk across the front, and make eye contact with the driver.