Hagerstown Police Reported It Had Responded To Over 1,700 Calls For Service In A Week, Mayor Says Crime Is Not Up

Mayor Keller said drug use exists in any urban city in the country.

Frederick, Md. (NS/DG) – In a Facebook post from Hagerstown Police on August 15, they said it had been a busy week for officers with over 1,700 calls for service that included shootings, attempted first degree murder, first degree assault, drug possession, and arrest warrants for homicide and robbery.

In contrast, according to Mayor Emily Keller, Hagerstown has not seen an increase in crime. She said the city does have an issue with drugs, such as opioids, just like any other urban city.

“That is, you know, the things people see that make them feel unsafe, people loitering, people that look like they’re high or look like they’re using something, it makes people scared, and I understand that, but, it’s not for lack of effort, and those efforts are going to continue for sure,” said Keller.

She said the Police Department has done a good job at responding to it, and the City has been there to support them with the resources that they need.

“If they come before us and they have a need, we give it to them, because we know the importance of the job that they do and we want them to stay,” Keller added.

She said the city, just like the rest of the country, saw an increase in opioid use during the COVID-19 pandemic.