Frederick Army Recruiter Says Military Is Struggling To Get New Recruits

A competitive job market, obesity, and lack of interest are key issues.

Frederick, Md. (NS) – The US Army is finding it difficult to get new recruits because the job market is so competitive.

Sergeant 1st Class Jimmy Vanderhall with the US Army Baltimore Recruiting Battalion joined WFMD’s Morning News Express recently and said they are also having trouble getting recruits because an increasing number of people are medically disqualified.

“That’s been one of the biggest driving factors such as obesity and medical issues,” said Vanderhall.

He said the Army will help recruits lose weight and fight obesity.

“The biggest thing right now is that, yes, we’re facing obesity. So the Army has many different programs to help people lose weight. It also helps them continue on with their weight loss. For example, I recently had two recruits who lost over 100 pounds together. The whole time I was with them, I was working with them for over a year, and they stayed focused and they stayed ready. So, when somebody came into my office, or anybody, comes to the office and they need to lose weight, I’m right there to help them,” Vanderhall explained.

He added that fewer people are interested in joining the military.

“The interest in our military service has fallen to almost 9%. Basically, that’s the lowest since 2007,” said Vanderhall.

He said the Army does provide great benefits, including support for college education after you serve for 3 years.

“There’s not too many organizations that are going to basically recruit you to join their corporation, pay for you to go to their school, pay for you to live in their institutions, and then when you get out in 3 years, pay for a full four year college degree at the same time while giving you money while you earn that full four year college degree,” Vanderhall explained.

He said he still does see recruits who come because they want to serve, but that number is smaller than usual.