Broadbeck Hall At Hood College Could Reopen Next Year

Design work on the building is underway.

Fire last year at Broadbeck Hall, Hood College (Photo from Frederick County Fire & Rescue Services) 




Frederick, Md (KM) The process of restoring Broadbeck Hall at Hood College is moving along. President Andrea Chapdelaine says design work has been underway on bringing the building back after it was damaged by fire last year.

“It’s a beautiful, historic building, and the restoration of it we want to make sure preserves that beauty and the history of that amazing building,” she says.

However, Chapdelaine  says,  Broadbeck Hall, the oldest building on the Hood College campus  still needs to be  modernized and that  includes upgrades  to the heating and air conditioning system,  and upgraded accessibility. “Broadbeck was not easily accessible so we’re increasing the accessibility of it,” says President Chapdelaine.

“We have been working on that design for several months, and we are near finalizing it,” she adds.

Restoration work is expected to begin in the next few months, with the goal of reopening the building in the fall of 2023. “But, as we know, construction has been challenging even now as we get over the worst of the pandemic,”: she says.

At around 1:49 AM on September 9th, 2021, the fire alarm sounded at Broadbeck Hall for a building fire. Fire and rescue crews responded to the scene at around 1:53 AM and saw flames at the top of the cupola. Crews managed to bring the fire under control by 3::00 AM. The cause was a lightning strike, according to a statement from Hood College.

At President Chapdelaine’s request, fire and rescue crews were able to provide protective coverings for the organ, pianos and other musical  instruments to prevent water damage.

The building has been closed since the fire. President Chapdelaine says she’s confident Broadbeck Hall will reopen. “As banner says on the outside, ‘music will be heard again,’:” she says.



By Kevin McManus