Success Proclaimed For Frederick County’s Mobile Crisis Team

It assisted more than 1,000 people during its first full fiscal year of operation.

County Executive Jan Gardner

Frederick, Md (KM) During fiscal year 2022,  Frederick County’s Crisis Intervention Team  assisted 1,059 individuals, including 400 assessments and interventions. That’s according to County Executive Jan Gardner. “It means there’s a lot of need out there. It also means  that the Mobile Crisis Services Team has been successful,” she says.

The team consists of social workers, counselors and other specialists  who accompany law enforcement officers on calls for service. Team members work with people experiencing crisis, such as those with suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, homelessness or mental health issues. They  connect these individuals with needed services and follow up. “Being able to that follow up and connect people to outpatient services or other resources that they need to deal with whatever issue is at hand is really important,” says Gardner.

She says she has included $756,000 in her fiscal year 2023 budget to expand the Mobile Crisis Team to provide better assistance to the rural areas of the county. “We are adding a second tier of staff to make sure we provide mobile crisis response countrywide,” Gardner says.

The team members will hive work space at the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, and participate with deputies in roll call, and ride along in patrol cars.

“We’re excited to be able to expand the program, ” Gardner continues. “But really excited that it ‘s proven to be successful and help people have better outcomes.”

Anyone who needs help can reach out by calling the 911 Center.. They can also call 211 and 988 and be connected to the hotline managed by the Mental Health Association of Frederick County. .

Staffing for the Mobile Crisis Team is provided by Sheppard Pratt, and is managed by the Frederick County Health Department.

By Kevin McManus