Frederick’s Mayor Comments On Development Projects Around The City

It includes the former Terrace Lanes, Frederick Town Mall.

Mayor Michael O’Connor 





Frederick, Md (KM) One the projects planned for Frederick city involves the demolition of the former Terrace Lanes bowling alley, and a nearby shopping center. The plan is to construct about 300 residential units in the area which would be within walking distance of Frederick High and West Frederick Middle Schools.

During a recent appearance on WFMD’s “Morning News Express,”  Mayor Michael O’Connor was asked about the impact this housing project could have on traffic. “The City’s Development Review Process requires all of these projects to go through testing for water and sewer adequacy, transportation adequacy, school adequacy, park adequacy,” he said. “They have to meet certain tests. And if they don’t, there’s things they have to do to mitigate that.”

“My understanding is these projects have passed those tests,” Mayor O’Connor continued. . “Now it’s a different debate as whether or not people think  these tests are adequate or not. They are tests for adequate public facilities so we can debate what adequacy means.”

Even though Terrace Lanes is closed, there has been talk that bowling could returned to that area of Frederick. There is a rumor that Terrace Lanes’ equipment was purchased by an individual who wants to put a bowling alley at the former Bon Ton store at  the one time Frederick Town Mall. “The rumors are just that until we actually see something that happens of the possibility of the bowling alley relocating into that site,”: says the Mayor. “I think it’s a great combination when you look at the Warehouse Cinemas and then creating sort of this entertainment destination hub. I think all of that works really well.”

The former Frederick Town Mall is now known as District 40. There are plans to turn into an entertainment destination. There is already a restaurant and the Warehouse Cinemas located inside the former retail center. Boscov’s and Home Depot are expected to remain at their current locations.

The changes proposed for the Golden Mile could mean less retail and more mixed use which could include residential area. “It lays out a long term vision for the Golden Mile that sees a more intense level of development, more mixed use. Over time, perhaps the transformation of surface parking into more structured parking, with perhaps development which goes a little bit higher than one story,” says Mayor O’Connor.


By Kevin McManus