Incident At Green Valley Elementary School Under Investigation

There were reports of stabbings, but no one was stabbed.

Green valley Elementary School (Photo from Frederick County Public Schools)

Monrovia, Md (KM) An investigation is underway by the Frederick County School System and the Sheriff’s Office into an incident Thursday at Green Valley Elementary School.

Board of Education President Brad Young says a teacher felt the students were not safe, and removed 27 kids form the school building. “Teacher took the students outside the building, through the woods to a café called the Buzz–down in that area; there’s a little shopping center–and then called the police,” says Young.

A staff member told police there had been multiple stabbings at the school. Sheriff’s Deputies responded just before 12:30 PM, and leaned that no one had been stabbed.

Young says the school was put on lockdown, but it was quickly lifted. The school continued with its activities until its scheduled dismissal.

He says it’s unknown what made the teacher believe the school was not safe for students. “That’s up to the investigation at this point. I know that authorities will be speaking with the teacher and finding that out,” Young says.

In addition, Young says it’s uncertain how the teacher got 27 students out of the school unnoticed. But he says some classrooms in the backs of school buildings have doors that go outside without going through the hallways. “At this point, they’re  going to investigate all that. But I’m assuming there was probably was a door in that classroom to the outside,” he says.

A  teacher or staff members can take kids out of the schools if they feel it’s unsafe. “Absolutely, if a teacher or any staff member feel  kids are in harm, get them to safety and we’ll figure it out later. So at this point that’s part of the investigation,”: he says.

But during this whole incident, Young says the students were not in danger. “All students are and were safe, and proper procedures were followed by school staff,” he says. “Now it’s determining why that call was made and dealing with the consequences of that.”

By Kevin McManus