Veteran Treatment Courts In Maryland Help Convicted Veterans

The Treatment Courts provide services to convicted or arrested veterans and those dealing with mental, physical and legal issues.

Frederick, Md. (BW)- The state of Maryland has four Veteran Treatment Courts that provide services and support to Veterans convicted of a crime.

The program in place lasts 12-18 months. Veterans who graduate from this program will have their criminal record expunged.

The courts also help veterans who suffer from PTSD, TBI or just need assistance integrating back to civilian life.

Joshua Marks, an independent Veterans Advocate, said that the recidivism rates from this program are low and that those who complete the program go on to make a great life for themselves.

The Veteran Treatment Courts in Maryland are located in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County and on the lower Eastern shore.

The Veteran Treatment Court is staffed exclusively by Veterans.

According to Marks, the Platoon Veteran Services Center, located at 1750, Monocacy Blvd, will create additional support for Veterans within and outside of the Veteran Treatment Court.

One service this new facility will provide is mentorship.