Young Elected to Serve as President on County Council

Kavonte’ Duckett will serve as vice president.

FREDERICK, MD. (LG) Brad Young has been elected to serve as president of the Frederick County Council. This should be a piece of cake for Young when it comes to heading up public meetings. Young previously served as president for 8 years on the Frederick County Board of Education.

“I know we will have differences, but I know that we can work together collegiately and respectfully, and I look forward to that,” Young said.

Council members unanimously voted to elect Kavonte’ Duckett as its vice president.

“I have not been elected to serve the few, but to serve all residents of Frederick County. And I will do so with faith, honor, resilency, integrity, empathy, and understanding. And for the next 4 years, I promise to not leave you alone,” Duckett said.

Both Young and Duckett are first-term council members. Duckett is the first African American to have ever been elected to serve on the Frederick County Council.

By Loretta Gaines