Jenkins Sworn In Again As Frederick County Sheriff

He’s starting his 5th term in office.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins being sworn in for a 5th term, Dec. 8th, 2022.

Frederick, Md (KM) A large crowd of deputies and other guests gathered at the Calvary Assembly of God in Walkersville on Thursday morning to watch as Sheriff Chuck Jenkins was sworn into office once again.  . He is beginning his 5th term in office, and he says he’s ready for what lies ahead. “And I guarantee you, as old as I am– you guy think I’m ancient; we talk about this; you guys think I’m an old guy–I still have the energy and the enthusiasm and the fire in the belly and the commitment to continue to serve the citizens of this county for the next four years,”: he said.

During his address to the audience, Jenkins made several promises, including one dealing with the 287g program. “The jail-based 287g program will stand in place. And I will always argue that there is a value to that program with the local public safety,:” he said.

The 287g program from the US Department of Homeland Security allows the Sheriff’s Office to determine the immigration status of suspects brought into the Detention Center. If they’re here illegally, the could be deported.

Jenkins also said there will be no let up on the war on illegal drugs. . “We are going to continue to attack the heroin, opioid and fentanyl crisis, and the addiction problem, the flood of fentanyl that’s coming into the county through strong enforcement of the laws., and we’re going to take the dealers off the streets,” he said. “And a piece of this does include education to the public, and we’ll work very closely with the treatment and recovery community.”

The Sheriff also talked about a future capital project. “Hopefully, moving ahead and locating a site down in the southeastern portion of Frederick County for a district station to better serve the folks down in Monrovia, Urbana and Green Valley and down in there,” Jenkins said. “Hopefully, we’ll find a  site. I know there’s money in the CIP {Capital Improvements Program}. So that ‘s a project that’s in the very foreseeable future.”

With all the deputies and corrections personnel in the audience, the Sheriff made this promise. ” We’re gonna to continue to hire the very best men and women that are eligible and available to work at the Sheriff’s Office in both corrections and law enforcement,” he said. “You’re going to continue to get all the best training out there that’s available.”

Jenkins also made this promise to citizens. “I’m going to uphold the laws and protect your constitutional rights to the best of my ability. And all of us  will enforce the laws without bias, fairly and with equal justice for everyone.” he said.

As part of the swearing-in ceremony, Sheriff Jenkins was presented with the US Department of Defense Patriot Award by the Employer Support for the National Guard.

Jenkins was first elected Sheriff in 2006, but he had worked for the agency for a number of years before that time.

By Kevin McManus