Gov. Hogan Delivers Farewell Address, Touting his administration’s accomplishments

But he urges Marylanders not to let extremism dominate politics in the state.

Gov. Larry Hogan

Annapolis, Md (KM) Governor Larry Hogan gave his farewell address Tuesday night, saying he’s grateful for the privilege of serving as the state’s Chief Executive for the past eight years. “And I can tell you that there is not been a single day, good or bad, when I was not grateful the privilege,” he said. “And I am so proud of what we have accomplished together in our mission to Change Maryland for the Better.”

In his comments, Governor Hogan said when he took over in 2015,  he faced “the daunting task” of turning around the economy,  getting people back to work  and making Maryland pro-jobs and pro-business. “And that’s exactly what we did,” he says.

He said part of his work in  making Maryland more business friendly was  rewriting or eliminating what he called “job-killing regulations” “And we  turned a $5.1 billion structural deficit into the largest surplus in state history. We ushered in the biggest economic turnaround in America, and we’re leaving the state in a far better fiscal position than ever before in history,” Hogan said.

He also said he cut taxes by $4.7 billion eight years in a row, “putting all that money back into the pockets of hard working Marylanders, small businesses and retirees.”

The Governor also pointed to some investments made over the course of his administration. “We made record investments in education eight years in a row to better prepare our children for opportunities of the future,:” he said. “We funded Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts at historic levels. We made generational investments in both our roads and transit, in our ports and airports.”

While also pointing to progress in addressing the digital divide, protecting health care and protecting police officers, fire fighters and other first responders, Hogan cautioned Marylanders not to let extremism dominate politics in the state. “I believe more leaders in Maryland and across American must stand against the extremes and with a majority of the people,” he said. “We can’t fringes and factions get in the way of getting things done and solving the serious problems.”

He said this extremism could negatively impact the nation. “America truly is at a critical turning point, one in which the very fate of our democracy could be at stake,” Hogan says. “All of the performative politics and the angry false rhetoric threaten not just  to divide us  politically, but to tear our country apart.”

During his time in the Governor’s Mansion, Hogan said Maryland lived up to its heritage as a state of middle temperament. “Toxic politics will not restore America,” he said. “Only real leadership will do that.”

Wes Moore and Aruna Miler will take over next week as Governor and Lieutenant Governor respectively.. Moore will be Maryland’s first African-American Governor, and Miller will be the fist Indian-American to hold the office of Lieutenant Governor.

By Kevin McManus