Results Of Survey Of Frederick County Government Employees Released

A workforce plan will develop recommendations dealing with diversity and similar issues.

Frederick, Md (KM) The results of a survey of Frederick County Government employees on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the workforce have been released. During a news briefing on Wednesday, County Executive Jessica Fitzwater said the poll found that the county does well in valuing theĀ  diversity andĀ  talents and contributions of its employees.

“It also showed we need to do more to be inclusive, to promote fairness in the workplace, especially with regard to opportunities to achieve and advance within our organization,” Fitzwater says. The survey results also identified the need for more training and updated policies and procedures.

But there’s other good news. “Forty-four percent of our employees feel that they belong here. They recognize they have a place here. They belong here,”: says Michael Hughes, the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer.

The poll was completed February of last year by employees. “We scored in the 32-percentile overall, which means we scored better than 32-percent of the other institutions against which we were benchmarked,” says Hughes.

With these results, County Executive Fitzwater says the Office of Equity and Inclusion will hold a listening session for employees who have questions or concerns about the surrey’s results. Division Directors will meet individually with Equity and Inclusion staff to review data and address specific concerns in their divisions.

There will also be a Strategic Workforce Plan finalized which will recommend specific actions County Government needs to take. “This document will become the road map for making Frederick County Government a place where everyone feels valued for their contributions to the organization and where everyone wants to come an work,” says County Executive Fitzwater.

The survey was conducted by K.L. Scott and Associates. The results are available at

By Kevin McManus