Waverley Elementary School Placed On Secure Status On Thursday

All students and staff were safe at the time.

(Photo from Frederick County Public Schools)

Frederick, Md (KM) There was an incident on Thursday afternoon at Waverley Elementary School while students were being dismissed for the day. Frederick County Public Schools says a person with mental health issues entered the building without authorization That person was escorted out of the building which was placed on secured status.

Under Secure Status, all students, and staff had to get inside the school and be accounted for. Outside doors were locked. But an e-mail sent to parents of Waverley students,  all students and staff were safe.

School Resource Officers from the Frederick Police Department were dispatched to the school to assist with the crisis inside the building. Support was provided to that individual in crisis, and Waverley Elementary returned to normal operations.

All students and staff were safe.

By Kevin McManus