Hillcrest and Waverly Elementary Students Receive Free Vision Exams

Those who need glasses will receive them at no associated costs.

FREDERICK, MD. (LG) Hillcrest and Waverley Elementary school students have been part of a pilot school based vision program that helps identify children who may need eyeglasses or other treatments.

Dr. DeVeda Coley, Supervisor of Community Schools, said FCPS is in partnership with several businesses and nonprofits to bring vision screenings to the kids at no cost.

“At that point, any student who shows that they need glasses, we are able to provide glasses to those students. They were fitted and after those exams students were able to go home with new glasses. It was very exciting,” said Coley.

Health Service Specialist, Jennifer Waters, said no standards are needed to participate in this program. “There is no eligibility, just by being enrolled in those schools, they are provided with that opportunity,” continued Waters.

So far 84 students have received free glasses. Officials are hoping to expand the vision screening program to other schools.

FCPS are in partnership with the Frederick County Health Department, Vision to Learn, a national nonprofit optometry provider, Warby Parker, and researchers from the Johns Hopkins University Wilmer Eye Institute, and financial support was provided by the Ausherman Family Foundation and the Kahlert Foundation.

By Loretta Gaines