Bill To Increase Frederick County Sheriff’s Salary To Move Forward

It was approved by the Local Legislative Delegation.

Senator Bill Folden                                      Delegate Karen Simpson

Annapolis, Md (KM) Legislation to increase the salary of the Frederick County Sheriff will move forward. On Friday, the Legislative Delegation voted 9-4 in favor the bill which will tie the Sheriff’s salary to that of a lieutenant colonel in the Maryland State Police.  That’s about $193,000 annually.

If this bill passes, the new salary would cover the person elected as Sheriff in 2026, not the current incumbent.

State Senator Bill Folden says if this bill passes the General Assembly, lawmakers would not have to adjust the Sheriff’s salary every two years. “We would not have to address this. The pay would be attached to that. We don’t  have to keep revisiting this every two years,” he said.

But State Senator Karen Lewis Young disagrees. “We have the fastest growing county in the state, and it’s very difficult to project what the population will be three years down the road,” she said. “I suspect that in fact if we do make a decision, we will revisiting this in 2026, and duplicating our work.”

Delegate Ken Kerr felt this measure is being rushed. “It all seem like it’s moving a little fast for me,”: he said. “We haven’t even discussed it with our partners at the county to see how this will affect their budgetary plans. So I too will not be supporting this measure today,” he said.

Delegation Chair Jesse Pippy voted in favor. “This bill is not about the incumbent. This is about the position. This is about hiring and ensuring that we’re compensating someone who has a tremendous amount of responsibility for the fastest growing county in the state,”; he said.

A similar was voted down in the House of Delegates last year.

During Friday meeting, there was a contentious discussion between Delegate Karen Simpson and Senate Folden. Simpson said she’s heard from her constituents about this bill. “Some of the folks are wondering where this is coming from; wondering if our Senator Folden is actually running for and this why this is so important.  It’s a question that  I’ve been asked,:” she said.

Folden shot back. “That’s wholly inappropriate because you’re striking at my integrity, and my motives behind it. And I will not be questioned by that. It is irrelevant,” he said.

Folden did not say if he’s running for Sheriff.

“I am never going to say a constituent question  is inappropriate. I do think it is fair that they can ask their questions and  it’s fair for us bring it up,” Simpson responded. “I am just bringing forth a slew of questions that have come forth.”

This bill now goes to the General Assembly where it will undergo hearings and a vote.

By Kevin McManus