Potholes Could Be Costly For Frederick County Drivers

Repairs costs range from $100  to over a $1,000.

Potholes (Stock Images)

Baltimore, MD (MO)  AAA  Mid-Atlantic is reminding motorists to beware. of  spring potholes as they make their daily commutes.

“This winter, we have seen temperatures vary from single-digit lows to highs of  70 Degrees or so,” says Benjamin Perricone, AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Territory Manager. “That is fertile ground for potholes to grow.”

Though blown says tires are the most common outcome of hitting a pothole, other more costly damages could include dented rims, damaged wheels, dislodged wheel weights, displaced struts, dislocated shock absorbers, and even a damaged exhaust system.

“So far this year already AAA roadside assistance has responded to over 14,000  member calls from across the state of Maryland for flat tires alone,” said Regina Ali, AAA  Mid-Atlantic Spokesperson.

The Auto club is advising drivers to beware of puddles that could be disguised potholes. They also advise that drivers look ahead, increase their following distance, limit their distractions, and slow down while they’re driving.

Inspecting vehicle tires and checking for a spare tire are both essential precautions that should be taken.

Drivers should never ignore noises or vibrations coming from their vehicles.

By Max Odell