The Future of AM Radio In Vehicles In Jeopardy

Ford said some of their vehicles will not have AM radio installed

Frederick, MD – (MO) AM Radio in some vehicles could become ‘extinct’ in 2024.

This possibility comes as the Ford Motor company announced that it will no longer put AM radios in most of their new and updated vehicle models starting in 2024.

Automotive Expert Dave Serio is confident about AM radio’s survival despite the latest factory trends coming from Ford.

“It isn’t fun but it is unfortunately what we see in as far as progress,” Serio said.

Many automobile companies are offering newer factory models with mobile aps, FM, digital and satelight radio options.

“Things are eliminated but I think we [AM radio] can get around it,” Serio added. “I probably have about 30% of the people who listen to my radio show now listen on the web”

Dave Serio hosts a radio show on WFMD every Saturday called You Auto Know.