Frederick County Delegate Ken Kerr Discusses The 2023 Session’s Final Days

The 2023 Maryland General Assembly’s session ends on April 10th.

Annapolis, MD – (MO) Frederick County Delegate Ken Kerr is pretty busy with less than 2 weeks to go in the 2023 Maryland General Assembly Session.

Kerr says that he’s hoping to pass an extension of a health insurance pilot program that helps young people afford health care. “We extended the pilot on the youth health care subsidies, this has seen 47,000 Marylanders take advantage of these health care subsidies and 17,000 of them to be able to afford health care for the first time,” Kerr said.

The pilot program focuses on young people as a demographic in need of financial assistance.

“These are people, aged 18 to 34, making up to about $54,000 a year,” Kerr said.

Delegate Kerr has another bill he sponsored that crossed over from the House into the Senate and would affect the construction industry.

“A Buy Clean Maryland Construction Bill specifically dealing with cement and concrete, there’s a new technology that allows for concrete to be made with one third fewer hydrocarbons so its less of a carbon footprint,” Kerr said.

The Maryland General Assembly ends on April 10th.