Frederick County Executive Receives Personal Securty Detail Courtesy Of Frederick County Sheriff’s Office

The request for private security came after County Executive Jessica Fitzwater received threats.

Frederick, Md. (BW)- Private security detail has been established for Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater.

The security will be provided by Frederick County Sheriff’s Office as an additional assignment for Deputies.

The security provided for Fitzwater will come from taxpay dollars.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said that he proposed a way to save the county money while still providing protection for Fitzwater.

He added that Fitzwater will send her schedule to the Frederick County Sheriffs’ Office ahead of time, when deputies can then choose to sign up for security shifts outside of their normal hours.

All other County Exectuive in Maryland already receives security detail.

Former Frederick County Elected Officials have also received security detail in the past.

Fitzwater and her staff came to Jenkins with this request after receiving threats.

Jenkins said he assured Fitzwater that he would protect her.