No Decision Yet On Whether Frederick Police Chief Will Take Over The Pittsburgh PD

Frederick Mayor O’Connor hopes Chief Lando will stay, but wishes him well.

Frederick, Md (KM) It’s been a few weeks since it was announced that Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando was on the short list of candidates for the job of Chief of Police in Pittsburgh. But so far, no decision has been made.

Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor says he heard from Chief Lando about the possibility of becoming the Chief of the Bureau of Police in Pittsburgh, where he spent many years working as an officer before coming to Frederick. “He indicated he’s been reached out for other jobs, but they’re not attractive,” he said. “He’s likes being in Frederick. The only one that could probably pull him away is that opportunity to go home.”

The Mayor spoke Tuesday on WFMD’s “Morning News Express.”

Lando came on board as Chief of Police in Frederick in the spring of 2021. Mayor O’Connor notes that followed the summer of 2020 which presented a challenge to police departments around the country, particularly as regards to race relations and  relationships between law enforcement and the citizens they serve. This followed the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

But O’Connor says Lando was up to the challenge. “He understood the dynamic that we were dealing with in terms of the potential for the relationships to really be breaking down. They didn’t here. The relationships stayed strong. That comes down to the work that he’s done with his leadership and the officers to make that happen,” says Mayor O’Connor.

If Lando leaves, Mayor O’Connor said the process of choosing a new police chief would begin again. “I’ll be honest with you. I hope it’s not something that I will have to do. I certainly wish my chief of police well. He’s knows this. It’s not that I don’t want him to get the job. But I don’t want to have to go through a search again,” he said.

According to a media outlet in Pittsburgh (KDKA Radio), that city’s mayor said a few weeks ago that a new police chief would be chosen within two weeks. It’s been three weeks. . Pittsburgh’s Mayor says the new police chief will be chosen when due process is completed.

By Kevin McManus