Signing Ceremony For CTE Students On Thursday

They’ll be signing non-binding letters of intent with local employers.


Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick County students with the Career and Technical Education Center will be signing non-binding letters of intent on Thursday morning. Eric Bokinsky, the CTE Coordinator for Work-Based Learning, says these young men and women, who are graduating seniors, have been trained to industry standards, and will be signing with local employers who will provide them with jobs after they graduate from high school. The letters outline the expectation of students  to satisfactorily complete their current program of study and graduate on time; the name of the company and job offered; and the perceived “value” of the opportunity.

Bokinsky says these letters of intent are similar to those signed by high school athletes to play on college sports teams. “We wanted to do the same thing for our CTE or CTC students who have completed their program of study within FCPS, and they’re entering the workforce in their chosen field right after graduation. So an equally notable event to celebrate and recognize,:” he said.

Frederick County Public Schools has 44 programs at the CTE and  local high schools that teach students a number of skills so they can  be ready to work after they complete high school. Bokinsky says these students have taken classes in a variety of trades. “We have students who are involved in the all the construction trades, automotive trades, child development associates, business management, finance, academy of health professionals,”: he says.

Bokinsky says this signing day can dispel the myth that high school students who enter the workforce following graduation are not as successful as those bound for college. He notes that many of them have marketable skills. “Students are earning industry-wide credentials and various specialized training within their programs. And that makes them very marketable. It’s almost to the point where they can chose their position because they’re just a highly sought after population of students,” he says.

Along with that, they don’t have to wait four years or more after graduating from college before they can start earning money and being financially secure.   Bokinsky says. In addition, he says the cost of higher education has skyrocketed. “Asking students to choose a major and to commit 60, 80, $100,000 of their money to pursue a degree they may or may not even use, that’s a really big ask,”: says Bokinsky.

The signing ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 4th between 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM at FCC’s Kusmaul Theater.

By Kevin McManus