Middletown Area Schools Placed On Secure Status Thursday Morning

A 15-year-old boy showed two large knives to students on a bus.

      Jesse Allen Crow

(Photos from Frederick County Sheriff’s Office)

Middletown, Md (KM) There was a heavy police presence at all Middletown schools Thursday morning after a 15-year-old boy on a school bus showed several students two large knives. . . The Frederick County School System says the knives were in  sheaths. Another student videotaped the knives while they were laying the 15-year-old’s lap, and posted the video on social media.

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says the teen identified as Jesse Allen Crow, 15, got off the bus at Middletown High and walked away.

Schools in the Middletown area were placed on secure status which means doors leading to the outside were locked, but it was business as usual inside the school buildings.

. Deputies searching the area found the knives, along with a black back pack and a jacket.  Crow was eventually located safe

There are no reports of any injuries resulting from this incident.

Crow was reported missing from Pennsylvania, and is a former student from the Middletown area. .

By Kevin McManus