AAA Says It’s Getting Ready For ‘The Great American Road Trip’

The auto club says it’s seeing more people coming into its offices, inquiring about summer vacations.

Washington DC (KM) The roads and the airways are expected to be very busy during the summer vacation period. “We are certainly at AAA anticipating that there will be a lot of travel this upcoming summer season,” says Spokeswoman Ragina Ali.

The auto club says it’s launching its “Great American Road Trip” campaign to provide information to first timers and seasoned travelers how to map outĀ  their routes of travel, and to get to their destinations safely.

Ali says the auto club has seven tips to help travelers save money. One way is to map out the road to your destination, but take some time to stop and visit points of interest along the way. “You want to make the most of your travel along the way whether it’s researching points of interest along your route, places you may want to stop. So first and foremost you make to sure you map out your travels,”; she says.

Another recommendation is to book you hotel room or place you plan to stay early. “Like everything else, hotel prices have also increased. With so many people planning summer travel, it’s better to book in advance as far our as you can as opposed to sort of rolling the dice and getting a last minute deal. Because if you do, you may unfortunately luck out and not be able to find a place at all,” she says.

Other AAA recommendations include skipping long wait times. That could include using an Easy Pass for road travel, or TSA Pre-Check when traveling by air. Ali says AAA retail locations also sell ticket so event such as theme parks, museums, shows and even some Major League Baseball games.

AAA also says your car should be road=ready, and that includes checking the tires, battery and fluids. “Across the summer months, we tend to see a lot of calls for service particularly when it gets really hot. The reality is the heat takes a toll on your car and your battery just as much as the cold and the winter season,”: Ali says.

Along with that, Ali says motorists should have an emergency kit in their cars which should include jumper cables or a jumper pack; a basic set of tools; car emergency warning devices such flares, or reflectors; a first aid kit; flashlights with fresh batteries; rags, paper towels or pre-moistened wipes; tarp, raincoat or gloves; blanket; extra drinking water and snacks for everyone in the car, including pets; extra medications, and a phone charger.

AAA says most its retail locations sellĀ  summer emergency kits, or you can put one together your own.

The auto also says consider a Plan B when your original plans for a vacation don’t go as planned. The auto club says it responds to hundreds of thousands of calls for service from motorists who are stranded along the sides of the road.

Another recommendation is to keep your AAA membership active. Visit to learn more.

By Kevin McManus