Alleged Hate Speech Committed As Part Of Linganore High School’s “Senior Prank”

The identity of the students involved is being investigated.

Frederick, Md. (BW)- Alleged hate speech committed by a Linganore High School students is being investigated by Frederick County Public School Officials and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

A video compiling several images was posted to social media after dismissal from the school day on Monday, May 15, which was the senior’s last day of instruction.

Students called the video a “senior prank”.

One of the images posted showed a student spelling out a racial slur in a field on Linganore’s property.

Frederick County Public School Officials are partnering with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office to identify students involved in this incident.

Public Information Officer for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, Todd Wivell said they consulted the State’s Attorney’s Office and it was decided that no criminal charges can or will be filed and all disciplinary action will come from the school system.

There have been issues with allegedly racist speech involving Linganore High School students in the past.