State Highway Administration Sprucing Up Roadsides In Maryland

Motorists Urged to Join Statewide Beautification Effort

FREDERICK, MD (LG) – The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration is launching another major effort to beautify state highways along the roadsides. The effort, Operation Clean Sweep Maryland, will consist of mowing and trimming and picking up debris.

“So if you remember, back in late February, we did kick off Operation Clean Sweep Maryland, which was an all hands on deck, from all of our maintenance crews across the state, with a concentration in the big traveled areas, like Baltimore, Frederick and down in Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties,” said spokesman Charlie Gischler.

The State Highway Administration performs litter and debris sweeps, as part of their routine maintenance. Crews will be performing additional efforts in advance of high-travel holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and around the Thanksgiving holidays.

“You know it was a mild winter so we had to get out there and start mowing the lawn a little earlier than we typically would have, so part of that procedure is to pick up the litter, but it’s also to beautify the state,” continued Gischler. “Basically when you have snow, well we didn’t have much snow at all this year, but it covers up the litter. Now when that snow starts to recede, and when you get into the spring and summer months you can see it.”

In Maryland it is against the law to litter. Control laws range from a $1,500 fine and possible 30 days in prison, to a $30,000 fine with the possibility of serving 5 years in prison.

By Loretta Gaines