Parents Protest Montgomery County Public Schools’ Decision On Gender And Sexuality Curriculum

Two groups peacefully protested from opposite sides of the parking lot.

Montgomery County, Md. (BW)- Two groups of parents gathered in the parking lot of the Montgomery County Public Schools headquarters to protest and support curriculum changes on Tuesday, June 6.

MCPS recently declined parents the option to opt-out of curriculum based around gender and sexuality. They also approved a list of books involving controversial displays of gender and sexuality to be in classrooms as early as Pre-Kindergarten.

One group protesting consisted of around 250 people. They held signs saying “Protect Religious Freedom” and “Restore Opt-Outs”.

The group on the other side of the parking lot were dressed in rainbow colors, holding the pride flag and sings that read “love is love” and “thank you MCPS”.

Both groups chanted “Protect our children!”.