Red Cross Hosts Blood Drive In Memory Of Capital Gazette Shooting Victim

Wendi Winters actively put on and participated in Red Cross blood drives.

Annapolis, Md. (BW)- Red Cross is hosting a blood drive on Saturday, June 10 in memory of Wendi Winters and the victims of the Capital Gazette Shooting.

The blood drive will be at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Annapolis from 8 a.m to 3 p.m.

Ashley Henyon, spokewoman for Red Cross National Capital and Greater Chesapeake Region said blood supply over the summer is usually low and they need consistent donors.

If participants can not make it to Annapolis, they can donate blood at any Red Cross blood drive location.

Use sponsor code “For Wendi” when registering online at Red Cross’ website.

The Capital Gazette shooting happened in 2018, when Jarrod Ramos killed five employees and injured two more. One employee, Winters, tried to distract and attack the gunman to save other employees.

Henyon said Winters actively gave blood and helped put on blood drives.

The blood drive on June 10 is in her memory.