Changes Proposed For Frederick County Zoning Regulations

One would permit schools in areas zoned for employment uses.

Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Council on Tuesday discussed a bill to allow schools to be constructed in land zoned office, research and industrial. Those properties permit uses such as office buildings, research laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

The Council discussed that bill Tuesday night. Mike Wilkins, the County’s Director of Development Review and Planning, said there is not a lot of land zone ORI so¬† there may not be a problem with schools located too close to manufacturing plants. “We can’t think of any particular situation where this would be detrimental. I would hope that a school wanting to locate in an ORI, at least an existing developed one, would be aware of its surroundings¬† before choosing a site. But there is a chance a school would come in and something would be proposed next door,” he said.

Council President Brad Young, the sponsor of this bill, noted that any school proposed for property zoned ORI would need to get approval from the Planning Commission. “In addition to what they would have to go through there, the FCPS {Frederick County Public Schools} still has its procedures where the Board {of Education} and the system has to approved. So if there is something, they would still have an oversight. The school just can’t decide to go there. They still have to through proper FCPS approval, “he said.

The Council also discussed legislation to permit woodworking operations in areas zoned agriculture.

There didn’t appear any opposition among Councilmembers¬† to both of these bills; only a few questions.

By Kevin McManus