Winner Announced For New Frederick County Flag Design

It will fly over county buildings in the next few months.

The winning entry  in the new flag design contest.

Frederick, Md (KM) There’s a winner in Frederick County’s 275th Anniversary County flag re-design contest. Its’ called “Frederick, the Crossroads of Maryland,:” and features red, yellow, black and white shapes in an intersection forming a crossroads. It was designed by Marc DeOcampo.

The design narrative states: “Frederick County, rich history, bright future. Where the east opens to the west and north connects the south. Where traditions enrich innovation and technology. Where one can find both authentic rural hamlets and vibrant urban cities. Where farm to table happens every day. Where generational families’ welcome newcomers to the community. Where diverse backgrounds, cultures, faiths, races, ages and abilities come to share and thrive. Frederick County, for 275 years serving as a crossroads at the center of Maryland, 1748-2023.”

When told his design won, DeOcampo said “I am thankful for the unexpected honor to have my flag design selected to symbolize our County. I never imagined spending an enjoyable afternoon designing flags with my teenage son would turn into a meaningful reflection of Frederick County as the crossroads of Maryland,” he said in a statement.

The design received 35-percent of the 3,000  votes cast during the 275th Jubilee Contest which was held between May 5th and June 10th. Contest voters were able to choose between one of four options. Three were new designs, and one was the county’s current flag which was created during a similar contest as part of Frederick County’s bicentennial in 1948.

The new flag will be flown at county facilities within the next few months.

By Kevin McManus