Frederick County Public Schools Policy On Gender Identity

The policy was passed initially approved in 2017.

Frederick, Md. (BW)- The Frederick County Board of Education revised a policy for welcoming and affirming transgender and gender nonconforming students in 2019, but it is still receiving some pushback.

This standard is known as policy 443.

Despite its approval, some parents, students and community members are still fighting against it.

At the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, June 14, many people spoke in favor and against the policy. Several speakers on both sides used Christian faith to justify their stance.

Board member David Bass encouraged speakers to make their point without the use of prayer.

He said, “The amount of prayer happening in this room… I find it uncomfortable in a school setting….”

Under this policy, students are permitted to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that align with whichever gender they claim to identify as.

Students are also permitted to play on the sports team of whichever gender they identify as.

To read the full policy, click here.