Man Saved From Mental Health Crisis In Washington County

The subject was connected with appropriate mental health services.

Washington County, Md. (BW)- A Hagerstown Police Officer stopped a man from stepping into traffic on Monday, July 10.

At around 10:15 a.m., police received reports about a man saying he was going to jump into traffic.

Master Police Officer Biden was the first to arrive to the shoulder of westbound Interstate 70, underneath the Route 40 bridge, where the man was located.

The man made continuous efforts to walk on to the interstate in front of oncoming traffic.

After some time, Officer Biden was able to detain the man and connect him with the appropriate mental health services.

The Hagerstown Fire Department assisted in the situation by blocking the entrance ramp to I-70 to limit traffic.

An unknown tractor trailer driver also assisted Biden’s efforts by stopping his vehicle in the lane closest to the man, slowing traffic.

Officer Biden has been congratulated on his work.

Hagerstown police are encouraging anyone who may be feeling suicidal or like they may hurt themselves to text or call 988.

Body camera footage has been released on the Hagerstown Police Department Facebook page.