Code Orange Air Quality Alert Tuesday In the Metro Washington Region

That includes Frederick County.

Washington DC (KM) There’s a code orange air quality alert for the Metropolitan Washington Region on Tuesday, and that includes Frederick County. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments says smoke from Canadian wildfires is continuing to  contribute to increased levels of fine particle pollution ..

A code orange means the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups including older adults, children and people with heart or lung diseases  like asthma or emphysema. .

On days when the air is unhealthy, COG urges residents to limit outdoor activities and watch for symptoms of coughing or shortness of breath.

COG also recommends you avoid lawn mowing, or use an electric mower to help improve the air quality. Also, use gas or electric grills instead of charcoal. Along with that, fill your vehicle’s gas tank after sunset. And take transit, carpool or work from home. Finally, turn off the lights and electronics when not is use.

By Kevin McManus