Site Announced For Library In West End Of Frederick

It’s expected to take three years for design and construction.

Frederick, Md (KM) A site for a public library in Frederick’s west end was announced on Monday. County Executive Jessica Fitzwater said it will be located at the under-used Hillcrest Park at McCain Drive and Butterfly Lane. “Building the library here on the site currently Hillcrest Park places the library between two of the three school sites in this area,”: Fitzwater says. “Moving .1 mile further from Butterfly Ridge {Elementary School} than we were previously anticipated; and .2 miles closer to Hillcrest Elementary; and .1 mile closer to Waverly Elementary.”

County Executive Fitzwater made the announcement Monday afternoon at the site of the new library.

“With theĀ  diverse neighborhoods in close proximity along with two prize parks and two elementary schools, all within safe and easy walking distances, this library will serve as the hub for a broader community campus of services for Frederick’s west side,” said Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor, who was also spoke at the announcement.

He said the city had considered a site at the Westside Regional Park, but some of that was developed with Program Open Space funding. “This land at Hillcrest takes an under utilized park and offers a transformational opportunity to create a community gathering place,”: Mayor O’Connor continued.

The Mayor and County Executive signed a memorandum of understanding which turns the property over the county “This 4.1-acre site allows us to build a new state-of-the art library with appropriate room for parking and easierĀ  pedestrian and TransIT access,” Fitzwater said.

James Kelly, the Director of Frederick County Public Libraries, says this new library will take three years for completion. “The Department of Public Works runs our capital projects, and they anticipate a year-and-a-half for design, and then a year-and-a-half for construction. Now that we have a signed memorandum of understanding and a site, we can forward with that three-year clock,” he says.

With the C. Burr Artz Library already located in the downtown, why does the city of Frederick need another public library, Kelly was asked. “There are folks on this side of town who are underserved. And we have had for over ten years a popular bookmobile stop. And have had partnerships and programming on this side of town. So we know there are folks who are hungry for a library on the west side and so we’re eager to get started on the project,” he responds.

Mayor O’Connor said the ballfields at Hillcrest Park will replaced with an improved facility at Westside Regional Park.

A community meeting on this new west end library is scheduled for Monday, August 14th at Hillcrest Elementary School beginning at 6:00 PM. That’s where county officials will share information on the timing for the project and how citizens can give input on its design.

By Kevin McManus