Transportation Planning Board Approves More than $3-Million For Projects In The Region

Two are located in Frederick County.

Washington DC (KM) An amount of $3.2 million for six projects in the region was approved on Wednesday by the Transportation Planning Board which is part of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. Two of those projects are in Frederick County.

One of the projects would develop a walking trail between Greenfield Road and Manor Woods Road which will be part of the National Capital Trail Network. John Swanson, transportation planner with Wash COG, says this trail will be part of a major trail network in the region. “Sort of a visionary project, actually, which is eventually going to go all the way from the city of Frederick down to the C&O Canal,” he says.

That project is receiving $480,000.

The second project is the placement of a comfort station in Brunswick which will be an amenity for those hiking the C&O Canal towpath. “Making it easier and more comfortable for people to use the trail system in this region,” Swanson says. “When it’s built, it’s  going to provide an amenity for people who are using the MARC train station.”

Swanson says that project will be getting $60,000.

The money for these projects come from the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program. “It’s a federal program, but we as a regional agency have been given responsibility under federal law for making decisions for the funding for this program,” says Swanson.

With this money in hand, Swanson says local governments will be working with the Maryland Department of Transportation to bring these projects to fruition.

Swanson  says funding from the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program usually goes to non-traditional projects. “For this program, the focus is on walking and biking,” says Swanson. “Where there are people that want to walk and bike, where there are good projects that are planned that are going to be good not just for Frederick or whatever local jurisdiction, but good for the region as a whole.”

By Kevin McManus