Two Spots Remain For Finalists In Md. Lottery Cash Bash Event

The promotion is part of the Md. Lottery’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Baltimore, Md (KM) The jackpot isn’t as large as the Maga-Millions or the Powerball, but the Cash Bash from the Maryland Lottery has a prize that’s worth considering.

Spokeswoman Gail Pelevitz says eight finalists have been selected and there are two more spots available. She says the drawing for the final two spots is scheduled for August 2nd. “Players who enter tickets through our My Lottery Rewards program, once you hit the $50 threshold of tickets being entered, you’re automatically entered into this second chance promotion for the chance to win up to $5-million,” says Pelevitz.

She says these tickets being entered are ones that didn’t win the first time.

All ten finalists will come away with prizes during the Cash Bash event on September 8th at the Maryland State Fair, with one of the finalists receiving a prize of between $100,000 to $5-million.

The Cash Bash began in February of this year as part of the Maryland Lottery’s 50th anniversary.  .

If you want to become one of those two finalists, Pelevitz sys you need to become part of the My Lottery Rewards Program  which is free to enter. “And start entering non-winning Scratch Offs, and wining and non-winning Draw Game tickets,” she says. “And once you hit the $50 threshold of tickets entered, you’re  automatically entered for the chance to be selected in our final drawing for the Cash Bash promotion which is on August 2nd.”

Pelevitz acknowledges that this jackpot isn’t as high as the Mega-Millions or the Powerball. “If you buy yourself a Mega-Millions or Powerball ticket, you can then enter them into the promotion–the Cash Bash promotion. So it’s probably actually helps us out a little bit to get more entries since more people are playing the Lottery currently with the big jackpots,”; she says.

And this final message for people who play the Maryland Lottery, or multi-state lotteries. “Play responsibly. Play within your means. We want to make sure people know this is a form of entertainment. Go spend a couple dollars; get a Mega-Million ticket; dream a little bit what you’ll do if you win the jackpot. Please play responsibly,” says Peleovitz.

By Kevin McManus