Frederick Man Creates New Frisbee-Based Game

The company has achieved $15,000 in sales in one year.

Frederick, Md. (BW)- A new frisbee-based game, created by a Frederick man is growing rapidly throughout the region.

“Disc It” was created in the spring of 2022. After one year, the company achieved $15,000 in sales.

Creator of the game, Daniel Anduray said he wants to create a community around the game.

Anduray goes out into the community to teach people how to play the game.

“Disc It” has also created curriculum for middle and high school gym classes to teach students how to play the game.

The game can be played for fun or competitively.

On September 16, there will be a Disc It tournament in Frederick with prizes for the winners.


Disc It is played with 3-5 players on each team. There is one eight foot pole, surrounded by a small crease, for which the players will aim to throw a frisbee at.

When a player has the frisbee they can only take one step before they must pass or shoot, while the defending team tries to intercept the frisbee or block the shot.

If the offensive team hits the lower section of the pole with the frisbee, they score one point and if they hit the upper section of the pole they score two points.

If the defending team catches the frisbee after it ricochets off the pole, the points are negated.

There is no contact allowed and no out of bounds.

If the frisbee touches the ground or the offensive team scores, the possession turns over to the defending team.

If a player steps into the crease around the pole, the other team gets a free shot from the penalty line.