School Resource Officers To Return At Frederick County Schools

As students return to school, they will meet their School Resource Officers.

Frederick, Md. (AS)- The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is preparing to staff every high school with School Resource Officers by Wednesday, Aug 23.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins stated that they have managed to staff every high school with one School Resource Officer, each officer will also oversee their high schools’ feeder schools.

Some schools within Frederick County, such as Brunswick High School, have previously been staffed by other law enforcement agencies. This year the Frederick County Sheriffs Office will be taking that school back over with staff of their own.

To be considered as a School Resource Officer, Deputies must attend a two-week training session through the National Association of School Resource Officers before being evaluated for the job.

In the past, the Frederick County Sheriffs Office have had patrol deputies and SWAT team members want to go into the schools to provide protection.

Sheriff Jenkins said that he wants School Resource Officers to be the ‘left hand’ for principles in Frederick County.