Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins Expresses Frustration With His Legal Situation

He calls it a ‘cancer’ and he’s ‘fighting for his life.’

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins (Photo from Frederick County Sheriff’s Office)

Frederick, Md (KM) He cannot comment on the details of his indictment, but Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has expressed frustration with his legal situation. “This is my cancer. This is my disease. I’m fighting for  my life It’s not moving fast which is frustrating. It’s awfully, awfully expensive,” he says.

Jenkins and local businessman Robert Krop were indicted in early April for conspiracy and making false statements to illegally obtain machine guns. Krop was also indicted separately for one court of  illegal possession of machine guns. Both men have pleaded not guilty.

Jenkins,. who was recently a guest on WFMD’s “Morning News Express,” said he’s not happy with the way the case is moving through the federal court system. “At some point in time and as much as I want to stand up on this microphone and tell the world what this is all about, I can’t do it. My attorneys forbid me to do it. But it’s not moving near as fast as I want it to. It shouldn’t even be happening at all,” he says.

With the cost of defending himself being so expensive. Jenkins says he can’t set up a “Go-Fund-Me” page to help pay his legal expenses. “You’ve got a sitting US Senator can have a legal fund. You got a sitting US Congressman has a legal fund. You’re got {former} President Trump who is using campaign money. You’ve have {former Baltimore Mayor} Marilyn Moseby who was indicted criminally here two years ago. She can use her campaign money, and I’m told no,” Jenkins says.

Following their indictments, Jenkins and Krop  were released prior to trial. But as part of their release, both defendants must surrender any firearms they have in their possession. Jenkins has asked that his two, department-issued handguns be returned to him, claiming he has received threats since he’s been Sheriff, and before that time. US Magistrate Judge Beth Gesner denied the motion.

“I’m abiding by it. I’m walking the line. I’m obeying the rules of the road. I’m not going to violate anything. But again I think it’s totally unfair,”: Jenkins says.

He says he needs these guns because he’s has been threatened. “I’ve have threats. I’ve had death threats. Threats from MS 13. I’ve been greenlighted over the years, and the world knows it,” says Jenkins.

He has appealed this decision to US District Judge Stephanie Gallagher.

By Kevin McManus