Stiff Sentence For Ohio Man Who Delivered A Pipe Bomb To Romantic Rival

The victim was from Carroll County, Md.

Baltimore, Md (KM) An Ohio man who delivered an explosive device to a romantic rival in Carroll County, Maryland is going away for a long time. In US District Court on Tuesday, Clayton Alexander McCoy, 32, of Chesterland, was sentenced to 262 months in prison  which is nearly 22 years.  He was also ordered to pay restitution for the full amount of the loss which is at least $96,378.38. .

The US Attorney’s Office for Maryland  says McCoy built a pipe bomb containing shrapnel at his home in Ohio to kill the man who was the boyfriend of a woman he loved, but she didn’t love him.

McCoy drove seven hours from Ohio to Manchester, Maryland on October 30th, 2020. He placed the bomb in a package and left it on the front step of the victim’s home which he shared with his grandfather. The bomb was inside a white gift box tied with a red ribbon.

Federal officials say the victim opened the box inside his home, and it exploded. He was struck in the front of his body with shrapnel and sustained injuries  to his chest, legs and the front of his body. After being released from the hospital, the victim had to use a walker and underwent multiple surgeries. Federal prosecutors say several pieces of shrapnel remain inside the victim’s body.

His house also sustained extensive damage from the explosion to the tune of $70,061.26, according to an insurance company.

“The case is an excellent example of local, state and federal law enforcement coming together and bringing Mr. McCoy to justice,” said Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees, in a statement.

By Kevin McManus