Car Free Day Coming Up Next Week

It’s an opportunity for drivers to try other ways of getting to work in the morning.

Frederick, Md (KM) Car Free Day is next Friday, September 22nd, and TransIt of Frederick County is participating. Mary Dennis, Communications Manager, says it’s an opportunity to keep your car at home and try another mode of transportation. “Promoting public transit, biking, walking, and, if you commute further out, maybe, instead of driving alone, you try to car pool; or you take the time to join a van pool so you’re not driving your car by yourself,” she says.

If you travel a long distance to work, Dennis says you may want to try the MARC Train. “We do offer car pooling., van pooling, regional transportation options. We have a Meet the MARC shuttle as well,” she says.

One advantage of Car Free Day is that it helps reduce air pollution. But Dennis says there’s another positive. “Driving is stressful,” she says. “Biking, walking or even public transportation when you’re not the one behind the wheel. Driving is less stress on you.. You probably arrive at work ready to go; less stress.”

Car Free Day has been around for years, and it’s always on September 22nd. “I would like to think that people—even if they don’t get rid of their cars—at least a couple days a week that ‘maybe I could try an alternative option,'” says Dennis.

As part of Car Free Day, TransIT, the City of Frederick, Bike Doctor, The United Way of Frederick County, and other agencies, are teaming up for the first Community Mobility Clinic on Wednesday, September 13th. The event will feature information about safe biking practices, and resources for bike riders. There will be live demonstrations on basic maintenance on your bicycle, and information about hiking options in Frederick. “Maybe you’re interested in biking, but don’t know what bike to get,” says Dennis. “So we’re trying to giveĀ  the community resources to expand other options besides driving.”

By Kevin McManus