Father Of Sexual Assault Victim In Loudon County Pardoned Of Charges

He was charged after criticizing officials at a school board meeting.

Loudon County, Va. (BW)- Virginia Governor Glenn Younkin issued a complete Pardon on Sunday, Sept 10 for a father facing charges for his actions at a Loudon County school board meeting in 2021.

Scott Smith protested a board of education meeting in June 2021 surrounding discussion of transgender students in the school system. He hurled insults at the school officials, leading to his arrest. He was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.

His trial was supposed to begin in about two weeks. Younkin announced the pardon on Fox News.

Smith is the father of a then teenage girl who was raped in the bathroom of Stone Bridge High School by a 14-year-old schoolmate in May 2021. The offender was a biological male student who was said to be wearing a skirt.

Following the incident, the offender was allowed to transfer to Broad Run High School where he was found guilty of another sexual assault in October 2021.

He is now 16-years-old and is on supervised probation in a locked juvenile facility where he will remain until his 18th birthday.

Reports issued in December 2022 stated the school system could’ve prevented the second assault.

Former Loudon County Superintendent, Scott Ziegler faces trial later this month for charges he faces.