Frederick Police Chief Confident The Department Will Move Into Former Wm. Donald Schaefer Building

Last week, the city Aldermen were told it would cost a little more to rehabilitate the four-story structure.

Former William Donald Scheafer Building (Photo from Banta Campbell Architects)  



Frederick, Md (KM) The costs for turning the former William Donald Schaefer Building on East All Saints Street into a new Frederick Police headquarters is expected to be more than anticipated. During a Board of Aldermen Workshop last week, city staff said the price is expected to be $4.7-million than the $19.81 million amount originally stated.

Police Chief Jason Lando says he’s not surprised at that. “Obviously, this project has been in the works for a long time. With  increases in costs in labor and materials, and some of things we feel are really important to put in the building, I think we knew that we were going to need a little more money,” he said.

The city staff told the Aldermen they will be at ways to secure the extra funding.

Even though it will cost a little more, Chief Lando says the former state office building is a good location for a police department. “For a number of reasons, accessibility cost, this was the location that was chosen. And having seen the designs, the drawings and what it’s going to look like, I think everyone’s going to be really happy when it’s done, especially the community. We’re going to have some community space on the first floor to host event,” he says.

He also says the city purchasing this building was a better decision than some other options. “We had a four-story office building sitting there vacant ready to be redeveloped. I can’t imagine how much more the cost for the project would be if we had to go to either build  something from scratch, or knock down an existing building—which was one of the options—and build a new building from scratch,” the Chief said.

Lando says he’s confident the former William Donald Schaefer Building will be the Frederick Police Department’s new home. “I don’t really  have any concerns that we’re not going to get what we need. It’s just one more hurdle. The  process is still on track and we should be breaking ground soon,”  he says.

Police Chief Lando was a guest recently on WFMD’s “Morning News Express.”

The Frederick Police Department currently occupies part of the County Court House which it has outgrown. . City officials have been looking a new site for several years.



By Kevin McManus