Detached Garage Damaged By Fire in Sykesvillle

No injuries reported.

Garage Fire, 73 65 Gaither Rd, Sykesville  (Photo from Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Dept.)

Sykesville, Md (KM) The cause of a fire that damaged a detached garage in Carroll County Thursday night remains under investigation.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office says fire fighters were dispatched at around 8:36 PM to the 7365 Gaither Road in Sykesville for the fire.   40 fire fighters from the Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Department spent 30-minutes bringing the flames under control. No injuries were reported.

Damage is estimated at $75,000.

Investigators say the fire started in the interior of the garage.

Anyone with information on this fire is asked to contact the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office Northeast Regional Office at .410-386-3057.

By Kevin McManus