Members Of One Frederick Jewish Congregation Support Israel In Its War With Hamas

Kol Ami’s  Rabbi says that nation is a special place for Jews around the world.

Frederick, Md (KM) Since war erupted between Israel and the Hamas group in the Middle East late last week, a majority of American Jews have been supportive of Israel. That includes Rabbi Jennifer Weiner with the Kol Ami Congregation in Frederick. She says Israel has a special significance for Jews around the world. “Our second home, Israel, is the place that we were able to go when no other country wanted to take in Jews, especially after the Holocaust,” she said.

Last week, Hamas from the Gaza Strip entered Israel. . They are accused of kidnapping Israelis, and holding them for hostage. “This is a declaration of war with another country that they have made. And so we stand with Israel, ” Rabbi Weiner says.

Israel has struck back, pounding the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. reducing buildings to rubble, and sending people scrambling for safety, according to an Associated Press  Report.

Even though the conflict is continuing, Rabbi Weiner says the Kol Aim Congregation continues to hold worship services. ” We’ll be having more patrols in our area when we’re meeting,”: she says.

Since the war began, police patrols have been stepped up at synagogues around the country. But Rabbi Weiner says so far worship services at Kol Ami have been “status quo.”

In her interview with WFMD News, Rabbi Weiner spoke about anti-Semitism which she says has been on the increase across the country and the world. “I haven’t noticed any per se in Frederick. But anti-Semitism is on the rise in our country and in the world.,” she said.

If there are any anti-Semitic incidents in the area, Rabbi Weiner says members of the congregation will being in law enforcement for assistance, or national organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League.

“It’s out there,” she says. “And yet I’m one who will go around with my head covering on because I am proud to be a Jew. And I want people to know there are Jews in Frederick County.”

Rabbi Weiner says anyone who wants to help those in Israel suffering due to the war with Hamas can go on line to and find out how to make a donation.

And she has this message for those in Israel suffering from the war. “We outside of Israel are thinking about them, and caring about them, and sending them our love and our well wishes, and here to uphold them in this time of crisis.”

By Kevin McManus