City Of Frederick To Offer Grants To Non-Profits To Address Equity Issues

The application process begins  next week.

Frederick, Md (KM) Non-profit organizations in the city of Frederick can apply for grants which address equity issues. Mayor Michael O’Connor says this Equity and Inclusion Splash Grant will provide funding to these groups to address the interests and needs of diverse communities, particularly when it comes to inclusive hiring and recruiting, workforce practices, equitable service offerings  and resource allocation or policy.

“In our diverse and vibrant community, it has never been more critical that we prioritize equity and inclusion in all aspects of governance,” says Mayor O’Connor, in a statement. “Establishing an Equity and Inclusion Splash Grant is a significant step forward, enabling us to address the unique interests and needs of our non-profits and those they serve as well as break down barriers to reduce inequities that exist in the City of Frederick.”

The non-profits interested in these grants can develop projects which touch upon these areas:

*Structural racism

*Accessibility and/or disability inclusion

*Dismantling of historic barriers to access or opportunity

*Bystander intervention

*Unconscious bias

*Equitable leadership

*Change management

*Cultural competence

The application period will open on Wednesday, November 8th.. Applicants can request a minimum of $10,000 or a maximum of up to $50,000..

The deadline to apply is December 31st, 2023.

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By Kevin McManus