Frederick County Council Hears Testimony On Daycare Tax Credit Bill

No vote was taken on it.

Frederick, Md (KM) Only two people testified Tuesday night before the Frederick County Council on a bill to provide tax credits to families who renovate their homes to offer day care services to children and adults. It’s sponsored by Councilwoman Renee Knapp, and Council President Brad Young.

Danielle Adams, the Executive Officer for the Frederick County Building Industry Association, says the legislation would let parents work and thrive. “If you are a single parent, one of the things that’s most paramount to you is to be able to have good care provided. If it’s in your neighborhood, then there’s additional benefits to it,” she said. “We would like to encourage any type of incentive program that allows for these opportunities.”

In the background provided for the meeting, Councilwoman Knapp and Council President Young noted that since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a decrease in available home day care centers. If this continues, it could cost states $10.6 billion dollars in tax and business revenue, according to figures provided by the Maryland Association of Counties. That would means parents could reduce their work hours to take care of their children, or possibly leave the workforce altogether.

During his testimony, Brent Simmons of Monrovia said the bill needs some revisions before it’s passed. In one, he said there needs to be some clarification of the language when it comes to day care for adults. “It says it’s operated to provide care with or without charge care for elderly individuals. Then it talks about a group care or a family home that provides those. It seems like it’s also adding a group care facility, and it’s not limiting it to a residence,” he said.

Under the bill, property owners who renovate their houses to provide for day care services  could receive a credit of up to $3,000.

The Council is expected to vote on the bill at a later date.

By Kevin McManus