Hagerstown Man Cited For Having Gun At Dulles Airport

The weapon was found in a carry-on bag.

Handgun seized at Dulles on Monday  (Photo from TSA)

Dulles, Va. (KM) A Hagerstown man was prevented from boarding a flight on Monday at Washington Dulles International Airport after a gun was found in his carry-on bag. The US Transportation Security Administration says an X-Ray machine alerted personnel to the weapon as the man was going through a security checkpoint.

TSA says the man had a nine-millimeter handgun with 15 bullets, including one in the chamber, and 12 additional bullets. The weapon was confiscated and turned over to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police.

The man was issued a citation by airport police. He also faces civil penalties for carrying a weapon on board which could reach up to $15,000.

In a statement, TSA says firearms are not permitted through security checkpoints because passengers should not have  access to guns during a flight. This even applies to travelers with concealed carry permits, or are enrolled in the TSA PreCheck program. Such persons could lose their TSA PreCheck privileges if they bring a gun to a security checkpoint.   They also face a federal financial  civil penalty.

TSA says passengers are permitted to bring firearms in checked baggage if they are unloaded and are packed in a hard-sided locked case. Then the locked case should be taken to a check-in counter to be declared.

By Kevin McManus