‘Rides For Good’ Program To Be Launched In Frederick County

It will provide transportation to those who are less well off.

Frederick, Md (KM) Lack of access to reliable and affordable transportation can be a big barrier to many families, particularly those who are labeled as ALICE households:  Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. That’s  according to Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater who announced on Tuesday the establishment of the “Rides for Good” program. It’s expected to be a network of volunteer drivers and their vehicles  who will provide rides to  individuals who do not have a lot of transportation options to the grocery story, their children’s schools, doctor’s appointments, their jobs and other locations.

“This  viable transportation option also fosters a sense of community we already have in this county,” said Fitzwater. “Through the recruitment of volunteer drivers who will ensure that passengers get to and from their destinations safely., and the creation of an affordable sliding fee scale for rides.

The program is  supported by the county, the United Way of Frederick County, and the Safe Ride Foundation, which will be running “Rides for Good.”  “We create good through a team of trained volunteers who will lend their time and their vehicle to provide safe and reliable rides to our Frederick County neighbors in need,” says Wayne Dorsey, the founder and President of the Safe Ride Foundation.

He also says this is more than just a ride for the persons being transported from one location to another. “That ride to their job could potentially lead to them to afford a vehicle soon. because the aim is to help them get out of their situation. And we know that for a lot of people, that starts with transportation,” he says.

Lacking transportation options  isn’t just a problem in the cities. Dorsey says it’s also problem in rural areas of Frederick County. “Rural transportation has historically been a very difficult problem to solve here in Frederick County. And with the help of this program and our partners, we’re hoping to make a huge impact in helping to connect all of Frederick County, not just Frederick city,” says Dorsey.

The program is scheduled to launch on February 1st, 2024. Dorsey says the Safe Ride Foundation is looking for volunteer drivers to take part in ” Rides for Good.”

By Kevin McManus